North Laine Runner

Free news magazine of North Laine Community Association

THE June-July 2022 edition of our free
bi-monthly news magazine, the North Laine Runner, includes a report on our new meeting place, The Ledward Centre in Jubilee Street. Our first meeting there will be in the cafe on TUESDAY, JUNE 21 at 7.30pm.

There are news items on preparations for Jubilee bank holiday street parties, pictures of the Brighton Festival children's parade, and a preview of the Charity and Community Day event in the Royal Pavilion Gardens where we will have a stall on June 25.

Features include tributes to the press baron who lived in Tidy Street, Ray Tindle, and Brighton campaigner for conservation and good building design in Brighton, Selma Montford.

There's an investigation into the destruction a proposed flyover would have caused in our area had it been built 50 years ago, demolishing not only homes but entire streets.

We continue our A-Z of the history of North Laine streets, there's a pictorial quiz full of local links and the Runner's own crossword, plus information about what was discussed at recent NLCA community meetings.

Our team of street representatives and volunteers has been out delivering the Runner to every home and business in North Laine.

You can also find extra copies outside Raining Books at 28, Trafalgar Street and at Sainsbury's in the New England quarter.

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