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Become a sector monitor

We've split North Laine into the areas shown on the map to the right. It would be enormously helpful to us if you can adopt an area and keep an eye on hotspots near you. Please take photos of any new tags that appear and report them to the police (see protocol above). You can also alert us of problem areas that need help on our paint out days. You can do this either on our private Facebook page (see below for how to join) or by emailing us at Having more than one sector monitor is ideal - we are all volunteers so the more residents who can help, the better. Occasional overlap or duplication is better than no reporting at all.

Join our private Facebook page

Regular updates and dates for the next paint out day can be found here. To join you first need to join our main NLCA site by clicking here: @NLCAonline


Donate funds

As you can imagine, we get through a lot of paint, so donations for more supplies are always welcome. You can donate using the button at the bottom of this page.

North Laine sectors.png

Ways you can help us turn the tide on tagging


Join us on a paint out day

We meet monthly on a Saturday morning to paint out tags for an hour or so. It's a great way to make a big difference to North Laine - meet new neighbours and make good friends. If you can't physically help paint out you're still welcome to join us and hand out flyers to passersby, spread awareness and generally cheer us on. For full details please contact

Report new tags

If you see tagging vandals, report 

BY PHONE to 01273 295063

EMAIL: or 


Emergency dial 999, non-emergency 101

Adopt a wall

Adopt a frequently targeted wall near you. Research and experience shows that removing graffiti as soon as possible after it appears (ideally within a few hours) is the best solution. If we get in quick enough the tag either never recurs - or if it does, the tagging gradually dwindles away to nothing. We can supply you with paint and a brush or roller and a NLCA branded hi-viz jacket.


Together we greatly outnumber the taggers and have eyes and ears throughout North Laine. Join us and help us turn the tide on tagging for good.

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