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Licensing applications

Please attend hearings if you can


North Laine is in the cumulative impact zone (CIZ), yet more and more alcohol licences are being granted here (350% increase since 2005). NLCA representatives attend the council's quarterly Licensing Strategy Group, and do their best to raise awareness of drink-related problems in our area. The police monitor licensing applications and where they oppose a licence, the NLCA will do so, too. We also receive support from our local councillors and it helps us greatly if local residents also attend Hearings. So please consider doing so, especially if you are concerned about one near you.

The latest licensing applications are below. If you have concerns regarding a licence, please come to an NLCA resident's meeting or email


1445/3/2023/04730/LAPREN  Life is Japan, (was The Gardener) 50 Gardner Street

New licence application for the sale of alcohol 11am to 10pm, every day on two floors.

Consultation closes 28 December


1445/3/2023/04709/LAPREV  Oseta Café, 34 North Road

Variation to extend hours for sale of alcohol from 10pm to 11pm, every day.

Variation to allow the sale of beer and cider.

Consultation closes 27 December


1445/3/2023/04547/LAPREV The Blue Man (PKA Neighbourhood) 95 Gloucester Road

Variation to revert to previous hours mid-day – 10pm every day for the sale of alcohol on the premises.

The Conditions remain as previously agreed as follows:

The number of customers in the outside front terrace area will be restricted to a maximum of 10 at any one time and the number of customers in the outside pavement area to the side will be restricted to a maximum of 8 at any one time.
All service to the outside areas will cease at 19:30 hours, and the areas will be cleared of customers by 20:00 hours. Anything in these areas which has to be cleared and put away must be done by 20:30 hours. This is to avoid disturbance to nearby residents
After 19.30 hours every day the number of smokers will be limited to 2 in each of the outside areas at any one time. Customers will not be permitted to take drinks with them into the outside smoking areas.

Consultation closes 18 December


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