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Licensing applications

Please attend hearings if you can


North Laine is in the cumulative impact zone (CIZ), yet more and more alcohol licences are being granted here (350% increase since 2005). NLCA representatives attend the council's quarterly Licensing Strategy Group, and do their best to raise awareness of drink-related problems in our area. The police monitor licensing applications and where they oppose a licence, the NLCA will do so, too. We also receive support from our local councillors and it helps us greatly if local residents also attend Hearings. So please consider doing so, especially if you are concerned about one near you.

The latest licensing applications are below. If you have concerns regarding a licence, please come to an NLCA resident's meeting or email our licensing coordinator, Roy Skam, at:



2022/01722/LAPREV Olivers  42 Trafalgar Street  

Licence Type: Premises - variation Consultation period closes: 20/06/2022  

The variation is to permit the applicant to sell alcohol from the premises via on-line sales. The distribution of this alcohol is required from 08:00 to 20:00 Monday to Sunday. The vast majority of deliveries will be via the royal mail. The opening hours of the premises to the public will remain as 10:00 to 20:00. Activity: Opening hours Time Period: Every Day From: 10:00:00 To: 20:00:00 Location: Existing. No change. Activity: Sale by Retail of Alcohol Time Period: Every Day From: 08:00:00 To: 20:00:00 Location: Both