Where have you seen these?

Photo:No 1

No 1

Photo:No 2

No 2

Photo:No 3

No 3

Photo:No 4

No 4

Photo:No 5

No 5

Photo:No 6

No 6

Photo:No 7

No 7

Photo:No 8

No 8

Photo:No 9

No 9

Photo:No 10

No 10

Photo:No 11

No 11

Photo:No 12

No 12

Competition to identify North Laine street art - deadline 29.2.2012

A lot of new street art has appeared around North Laine recently. Some is now on junction boxes and some is in a different style from that previously seen in places like Kensington Street.

A prize

There's a prize of a bottle of wine for the first person to be pulled out of the proverbial 'hat' who has correctly named the streets where you can see the street art on this page. Not all of the art works are new and they are not necessarily all from different streets. Send entries by email to the editor of the North Laine Runner at: northlainerunner@nlcaonline.org.uk by the end of February 2012 giving your name and street address.


The correct answers will be posted here during March or April (now posted below).


All photos are by Henry Bruce.

[Previously published in the North Laine Runner, No 214, January/February 2012]


The Street Art Competition above proved quite a challenge. We deliberately chose some easy ones and some that were much harder and in fact nobody got all 12 locations right so unfortunately it hasn’t been possible to award the prize. However, highly commended is North Laine resident LIANE WILLIAMS, who managed to get the highest score: 11 out of 12. Well done, Liane, but what a pity you couldn’t find No 4.

Here are the correct answers:

1.       Corner of Cheltenham Place/ Gloucester Road

2.       Vine Street

3.       Church Street

4.       Bond Street Row (backing onto the end of Jew Street)

5.       Trafalgar Lane

6.       Kensington Street

7.       Regent Street

8.       New Road (at the end facing North Street)

9.       Gloucester Street

10.      Regent Street

11.      St George’s Mews

12.      Trafalgar Lane

[Previously published in the North Laine Runner, No 215, March/April 2012]




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