Our 'twitters' party

Photo:Ella and Casey sang some songs

Ella and Casey sang some songs

In Trafalgar Terrace twitten, 6th August 2011

By Ella Constable (11) and Casey Constable (9), North Laine residents

On Saturday August 6th we had a party in Trafalgar Terrace - it was great fun. The party was in Tina and Keith’s garden this year (we take it in turns). They are our next door neighbours and we were the first to get there. It was raining at first so we waited in the summerhouse for it to stop.

Nearly all the neighbours came

After that people started to arrive and soon the garden was full of people. Nearly all our neighbours came but we missed Catriona and Bob and Sam and Joe, who’ve just moved house.

A poem tree

We had a Poem Tree and everyone had to put their poems on the tree when they arrived.

Lots of yummy food

Keith in his kilt started the barbecue and in the summerhouse there was lots of yummy food like potato salad, home-made hummus, crisps, and our favourite – cake (cupcakes and a big lemon one with courgettes from Carol’s allotment).

We read out our poems

After a while Keith rang a bell and shouted “Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye Twitts” and we read out our poems. Francis had a good one and Ella’s was called “New”. Casey’s was called “I Wait” and Mum’s was called “Home”.

We sang some songs

We sang some songs for everyone after that. We sang “Living and-a-Learning”, “525,600 Minutes” and a funny song with June’s granddaughter Bonnie called “The Chicken Song” that we did actions to - it felt great.

We played games

Later on we played giant Snakes & Ladders and Keith found an old swing ball game that he had to hit a lot with a hammer to make it fit together - it took ages. When it got dark we played 'tummy fights' with Keith and danced a lot on the grass.

We were the last to leave. It was so much fun!

[Previously published in the North Laine Runner, No 212, September/October 2011]

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