Don't be caught out in Sydney Street

Photo:Sydney Street in the North Laine

Sydney Street in the North Laine

Not open to traffic 10am - 5pm

The Police recently had a blitz on traffic driving through Sydney Street between the hours of 10am – 5pm, when it is supposed to be closed to all traffic except for vehicles delivering to shops in that street.

Why the restriction?

The idea of the restriction is that the street should be pedestrian friendly during the day.

There are notices

However, many drivers claimed never to have seen the notices at the end of the street stating this, even though they have been there for a number of years. Many of the drivers were even local!

Don't risk a fine

So remember – don’t attempt to drive through Sydney Street between 10am and 5pm, or you may end up with a hefty fine.

[Previously published in the North Laine Runner, No 211, July/August 2011]

This page was added on 23/08/2011.

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