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AGM report by Website Coordinator, 2010/11

By Peter Crowhurst

The NLCA website (this website) is growing at a steady rate. We continue to receive comments and pages from past and present residents, although we would like to see the site used more by current residents to express their opinions on local issues.

It impressed Meridian TV

A great compliment was made about the website this year when Meridian TV chose to use Kensington Place in a programme about the release of the 1911 census. They had come across this website and were very impressed by the quality of its content and presentation.

Editorial team

Although several members of the website team have moved out of the area, we are pleased that they continue to be part of the editorial team, which remains substantially the same as when the site was launched in 2008.

Covering the costs

An issue for the future is whether we should have paid advertising on the site to help defray the annual costs. Whether this becomes necessary will depend on the NLCA’s ability to attract donations.

[Previously published in the North Laine Runner, No 209, March/April 2011]

This page was added on 02/05/2011.

While I totally understand the predicament of raising funds to cover costs, I am very opposed to advertising on the NLCA website.  It's one of the pleasures when browsing that there are no distracting and annoying adverts trying to grab your attention, as on almost all sites you visit these days.

By Sharon Carter
On 23/05/2011

The Meridian programme was very interesting. I would love them to do a full half hour programme on the subject.

By Sharon Carter
On 23/05/2011

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