TV cameras returned to Kensington Place

Photo:Andrew Pate speaking to camera surrounded by Kensington Place residents

Andrew Pate speaking to camera surrounded by Kensington Place residents

Photo by Henry Bruce

Photo:The camera rolled in Kensington Place

The camera rolled in Kensington Place

Photo by Henry Bruce

Programmes broadcast 23rd and 24th March 2011

By Peter Crowhurst, North Laine resident

Back in the early 1980s the BBC used Kensington Place as a backdrop for a children’s play. The cameras - this time Meridian TV - returned to Kensington Place in spring 2011, this time using the history of the street for two programmes they were preparing to coincide with the 1911 census.

Impressed by this website

One of the programme directors for Meridian Tonight came across this website and was so impressed by its historical content, especially the interviews conducted with former residents, that they decided to use the street’s history, and particularly what residents know about the former occupants of their homes, in a couple of programmes they were making about the census.

Interviews with residents

A number of Kensington Place residents were interviewed for the programmes and Meridian even went to the expense of arranging to interview Kensington Places’s oldest known survivor, Pat Lettres, who was on holiday in Australia.

Filmed in March 2011

The cameras returned in early March 2011 and many residents came out onto the street for the filming.


There was talk about Kensington Place's famous resident Peggy Ramsay, who once lived at No 34 Kensington Place. She was a playwrights agent who managed a number of well-known playwrights including Joe Orton. The programme interviewed Simon Callow, who talked about Peggy Ramsay in some depth, as he had known her well. There is more information about Peggy Ramsay here.

Other interesting former residents

The current residents of No 18 Kensington Place talked about the Wright family, who had once lived in their house and had run a photographic studio, while the residents of No 29 had been fascinated to learn that their house had been a brothel during the second world war!

General history

The early history of the street and the way people used to live was also explained by local residents. The houses were mostly rented out by an absent landlord and there was much overcrowding by today's standards.

Broadcast dates

The resulting programmes were shown on Meridian's Tonight programme on 23rd and 24th March 2011.

[Previously published in the North Laine Runner, No 209, March/April 2011]



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Great to see Kensington Place featured in this way, although there wasn't a lot of time to cover anything in depth.

By Jackie Fuller
On 25/03/2011

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