Street Party in Kensington Place

Photo:Tessa, the party coordinator

Tessa, the party coordinator

Photo:The ever popular bouncy castle

The ever popular bouncy castle

Photo:David cooked the sausages

David cooked the sausages

Photo:Lots of yummy food

Lots of yummy food

Photo:Toys for the toddlers

Toys for the toddlers

Photo:Pimms when everyone arrived

Pimms when everyone arrived

Photo:The history tent

The history tent

Photo:Irish dance display

Irish dance display

Photo:A leap in the air

A leap in the air

Photo:Carpet to sit on

Carpet to sit on

Photo:Watching all the fun and games

Watching all the fun and games

Photo:Catching up with neighbours

Catching up with neighbours

Photo:A cool drink

A cool drink

Photo:Refreshing drinks for the young people too

Refreshing drinks for the young people too

12th September 2010

By Phoebe Gunputh, North Laine resident

The third annual Kensington Place street party took place on 12th September 2010 on a gorgeous sunny Sunday when residents and friends were welcomed with a glass of beautifully garnished Pimms from the lovely Emily. The street was decorated with blue and white bunting and colourful balloons. Our gazebos housed the wonderful History Display and all the yummy contributions for the party.

Barbeque, bubbles and music

The air was filled with a mix of barbeque smoke, bubbles and music provided by the band that was a great new addition to this year’s party - guitar, drums, saxophone and trumpet played by Sam, Freddy, Dan and Hannah, which contributed to the lively, festive atmosphere and entertained us throughout the day, as well as providing the essential raffle-draw drum roll!

Display of Irish dancing

Glynis Simpson arranged for the Carey School of Irish Dancing to give a display of their fantastic dancing in traditional costume. We all marvelled at their energy and dexterity, wishing we had some too.

Lots of delicious food

A huge array of delicious dishes was provided by members of the street, so a big thank you to all who contributed – it was quite a spread! Manning the grill was David Gunputh, who cooked up tasty treats provided by local businesses: delicious  sausages from the Brighton Sausage Co and breads from the Real Patisserie, who both gave us excellent discounts enabling us to eat very well. We could really 'taste the difference'. Thanks to Dave of BSC and Jonathan of RP.

History tent

The outdoor History Tent gave guests the chance to learn more about the history of the street and view the paintings of Kensington Place by Frank Ward  that were kindly put on display by his daughter, Hilary. Truus Sawyer and Peter Crowhurst lent many items of local historical interest. We planned to record an oral history with former residents Mrs Cager and Mina, plus existing residents, but we were too busy having a good time! Mrs Cager told Bobbie Cheesman that her house had once been a ‘knocking-shop’ and had kept servicemen happy during WW2. This was news to Bobbie!

Lots of games

Children (and the young at heart) enjoyed the selection of games provided, as well as the ever popular bouncy castle, and took part in the Racey Games, which included a sack race and an egg and spoon race. Apart from the use of sellotape in one instance, it was a fair fight for racing supremacy and we hope all the participants enjoyed their goody bags – thanks for playing!

Match the pet to the owner competition

Last year we held a ‘Spot the Baby’ competition, with only one resident guessing all eight correctly and this year’s ‘Match the Pet to the Owner’ competition was no different, with Hilary being the only person to match each moggie (and one doggie) to their correct owner!  Thanks to everyone who put themselves and their pet up and to Peter for taking such great photos.

Street cricket

The street cricket in the afternoon brought out the competitive side in everyone as, once again, Railings and Gardens were pitted against each other in a battle for the grand trophy that the Railings side has held for the past year. The game was umpired by a very professional Johnny; players from each side batted and fielded, aiming away from the parked cars and scrambling in gardens for lost balls. In a spectacular finish, the Gardens regained their trophy which will be displayed in Mark and Tom’s house. Go Gardens!

The raffle

The afternoon ended with the much anticipated Kensington Place raffle, which was made possible by the following traders who generously donated valuable prizes: Brighton Sausage Shop, Real Patisserie , Hall’s Estate Agents , 4Print & Design, Riccardo at Square Roots, Brighton Tavern, Travis Perkins, Scent the Florist, Komedia, Blackout, Bill's Produce Store, Yashar Bish, Anka Beauty, and Vincent Donlin (local artist).

The raffle is our main fund-raiser and was well supported by residents and visitors. Thanks to all of  you who dug deep into your pockets and came to the aid of the party, this year and next.

Local artist

Vincent Donlin lives in Trafalgar Street and paints wonderful pictures of the local area. He had a stall at the party to display his art, which included many paintings of Kensington Place. Residents and visitors were most interested and many used the opportunity to buy images of our lovely street.

Grant support

KPSP10 is very grateful to the Hedgcock Bequest for their munificent grant which mainly funded the party. Thank you to Jonathan Best, Annual Grants Programme Officer of Brighton & Hove City Council, who was so helpful in guiding and supporting our application. We will be collating an oral history from residents over the next few weeks to present to the Hedgcock Bequest and the NLCA.

The best one ever

The KPSP10 organising team would like to thank everyone who attended, enjoyed and supported the best street party ever. A huge effort with a great result ' because we're worth it '!

[Previously published in the North Laine Runner, No 206, September/October 2010 - all photos by Peter Harold]

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