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Photo:Regent 'Foundery' photographed in 1890

Regent 'Foundery' photographed in 1890

From 'A visit to the Iron and Brass Foundery and the Gas Manufactory', 1824

A book written in 1824 in scripted form depicted life in Brighton and particularly in North Laine in the early 19th century. It is called A Visit to the Iron and Brass Foundery and the Gas Manufactory, by E Sandham.

A family is taken to three locations, two being situated in the North Laine area. The conversation goes like this (spellings as in the original):

Regent Iron & Brass Foundery

William: The Regent Foundery is in North Lane is it not? [This was the original name for the current North Road.]

Mrs N: We are to go up Portland Street to get to it, which leads out of North Street, and walk on until we see the building which has that name on its front.

William: There it is. I can see the Regent Iron & Brass Foundery inscribed upon it.

Ann: What a dirty road to get to it and what a black looking place it is.

Iron for the Chain Pier

William: What are they doing with that pulley?

Mrs N: They are raising that piece of iron with it. It would be impossible for those few men to move that iron without it. The cast iron is to be the front of a room to be erected on the Chain Pier.

Foreman: It will be painted on each side to prevent it getting rusty from the salt water.

The coke oven

Mrs N: We will look at the coke oven.

William: What a large fire and how hot the poor men must be who attend to it.

Foreman: In 24 hours a chaldron of coke is produced. The fire never goes out except when the oven needs repairing. A chaldron of coke is not sufficient for our use at present. We have two other coke ovens a little distance from here.

[Previously published in the North Laine Runner, No 203, March/April 2010]

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