Photo:Artists at work?

Artists at work?

Photo by Peter Crowhurst

Photo:A colourful improvement?

A colourful improvement?

Photo by Peter Crowhurst

Art or vandalism?

By Peter Crowhurst, North Laine resident

On the increase

In recent years we have seen an increase in the amount of graffiti in the area. For many, graffiti is an illegal, anti-social activity and creates negative impressions of an area, which can contribute to people's fear of crime.

Linked to crime?

It is argued that where graffiti is prevalent there is also an increase in other crimes, for example criminal damage and vandalism, but also that the presence of graffiti affects people's fear of crime in that area. Graffiti can be the first element in a spiral of decline and if not removed others may seek to add to it. It can also be seen as an attack on the environment.

Or is it sometimes an art form?

Others see some graffiti as an art form and a way in which disaffected youth can be encouraged to participate in improving the appearance of their community. As part of a project young people can discover and develop an artistic talent and improve the appearance of derelict and run down buildings. Wall murals are a valid art form and should not be seen as graffiti or even as encouraging graffiti.

As well as an increase in illegal forms of graffiti, we have also seen more and more walls in the North Laine being given over to wall murals, which some may confuse with graffiti. Do these murals enhance our area by improving the appearance of run down buildings and preventing the growth of graffiti or do they disguise the real appearance of a building and encourage the illegal forms of graffiti?

What are your views?

This page was added on 21/02/2008.

I love the big art pieces that feature in the North Laine - fantastic colour and design. Not into tags though.

By Jake
On 03/12/2008

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