May in Pavilion Gardens

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Royal Pavilion gardens

Plants to see in the flowerbeds, No 2 of 4

For all the keen gardeners among you, try to identify the following while you are strolling through the Pavilion Gardens during May:

  • Double pink hawthorn blossom
  • Persian, Chinese and common lilacs (syringa persica,┬ásyringa chinensis and┬ásyrnga vulgaris)
  • Guelder rose (viburnum opulus) - flowering underneath the laburnum trees
  • mounds of Spanish broom (genista hispanica)
  • Purple broom (cytisus purpureus)
  • Pink bridewort (spirea salicifolia)
  • Clumps of tulips
  • Periwinkle (inca minor and major) - at the front of the shrubberies
  • Evergreen candytuft (iberis sempervirens)
  • Yellow daisies of leopards bane (doronicum orientale)
  • Forget-me-nots

Also, later in the month, scented yellow day lilies (hemerocallis flava) and the double crimson peony (paeonia officinalis rubra plena).

[Information from: 'Set for a King: 200 years of gardening at the Royal Pavilion', by Mike Jones, Royal Pavilion, Museums & Libraries, 2005; previously published in the 'North Laine Runner', No 179, March/April 2006]

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