NLCA comments on planning applications affecting North Laine

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Map of North Laine

Prepared by Barry Leigh

Dec 07 and Jan 08

By Gabrielle Villermet and Barry Leigh, NLCA Planning & Environment Coordinators

Here is a list of the North Laine planning applications that were discussed at the December 2007 and January 2008 meetings of the NLCA, together with comments from the Association:

56-58 Frederick St (BH2007/03773): Installation of new roller shutter garage doors to undercroft area of car parking bays. Applicant: B&H City Council. NLCA: No comment.

28-30 Robert St (BH2007/03791): Proposed air conditioning/heating system with ventilation to external façade, involving replacement of 3 existing above door panels with new louvers and replace an existing half glazed double door with new fully louvred double door. Applicant: Facilitate Ltd. NLCA: No comment.

Block B4 Units 9 & 9 Jubilee St (BH2007/03807): Variation of condition 4 (vi) of planning permission BH2001/00843/FP to enable occupation of units 8 & 9 within block 4B ground floor, for Class D1 (a) Medical or Health Care Services, with ancillary Class A1 shops. Applicant: Ellandi Property Ltd. NLCA: No objection to change of use to a Skin Clinic.

'Heart & Hand', 75 North Rd (BH2007/03284): Advertisement consent for detracting canopy and advertisement. NLCA: No comment. We have already sent an objection regarding the heaters on the external façade. These are detrimental to the Conservation Area, adding clutter to the attractive exterior and are also very unsustainable.

49-51 Frederick St (BH2007/02499): Installation of new roller shutter garage doors to undercroft area of car parking bays. Applicant: B&H City Council. NLCA: No comment.

22-23 Sydney St (BH2007/03862): Creation of new second floor residential unit. Applicant: Mrs Waimui Gray. NLCA:OBJECT. Not a very attractive addition to an already bland building. Residents in Tidy St concerned about overlooking and overshadowing. The 2nd floor restaurant will become A1/A2 (commercial) use, which will mean no food smells etc for proposed new residents above. Maybe the 1st floor could become the residential unit instead?

87-88 Trafalgar St (BH2007/04281): Installation of 3 louvre grilles on front of property. Applicant: Sheila Baker. No comment - needed for ventilation.

42 Frederick Place (BH2007/04240): Installation of 2 x new condenser units at ground level in rear car park. Applicant: Simon Taylor. NLCA: No comment. Not visible from front.

'Deli India', 81 Trafalgar St (BH2007/03947): Proposed variation to planning condition 6 of permission BH2005/06589 to extend opening hours to 0700-2300 Monday to Saturday and 0900 to 2300  on Sunday. Applicant: Ms Farida Pathan. NLCA: OBJECT. We are concerned that the proposed later opening hours will encourage more take-away use, which would cause more noise and disturbance to residents living above and in nearby streets. We are also concerned at the cumulative impact of more and more eating and drinking establishments opening later in the evenings. When this part of Trafalgar St was redeveloped, we were promised retail shops with flats above. Since then two of the units have become restaurants. This is having a detrimental effect on the Conservation Area.

[Previously published in the 'North Laine Runner', No 190, Jan/Feb 2008]

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