About Bread Street

Photo:Bread Street, May 2008

Bread Street, May 2008

Photo by Maureen Brand

A brief history

By Maureen Brand, North Laine resident

Bread Street developed in the period 1809-1822. J Pigot-Smith's map of 1826 shows it stretching the full length from Church Street to North Road but a Council map outlining the boundaries of the new 1977 North Laine Conservation Area indicates its position only as "Was Bread Street".

Lost churches

One of the lost churches of North Laine is St Mary & St Mary Magdalene in Bread Street built by the Revd Arthur Douglas Wagner in 1862. The architect was G F Bodley and his design for this church in a poor artisan area was one of whitewashed walls and wooden roof costing £2,500. The church was closed in 1948 and demolished in 1963.

The Providence Chapel once stood on the corner of Church Street and Bread Street. It was built in 1805 and demolished in 1965. In 1989 a large company, International Factors, built and opened its new headquarters on the site of Bread Street. Today a very short length of the northern end of Bread Street remains, leading to the flats of Belbourne Court.

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