Theobald House

Photo:Theobald House, 2008

Theobald House, 2008

Photo by Maureen Brand

Photo:Theobald House seen from Upper Gardner Street

Theobald House seen from Upper Gardner Street

Photo by Maureen Brand

Eighteen floors with a view

By Maureen Brand, North Laine resident

Theobald House sits, towering, at the back of Trafalgar Street, where Wood Street once ran. It has been the subject of differing views, summarised in "A Guide to the Buildings of Brighton", published circa 1989 by the School of Architecture and Interior Design, Brighton Polytechnic:

"A dream turned into a nightmare?"

"Built in 1966, the brick tower contains 110 flats in groups of 6 per floor on 18 floors. Here was a brave attempt to sweep away the mean and overcrowded terraces of North Laine and replace them with modern, light and airy homes. Today [written circa 1989] the tide of opinion has turned and Theobald House, along with its contemporaries in other parts of the town, is perceived as a monument to Municipal Landlordism, a gaunt tower out of sympathy and scale with its surroundings, a dream turned into a nightmare."

Do you have memories or experience of living in Theobald House, and views on the building?

[Source: The School of Architecture and Interior Design, Brighton Polytechnic (1989) A Guide to the buildings of Brighton, McMillan of Macclesfield]

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