Getting in touch with the Council

Via the web or by phone

Via the Council website

On rubbish/recycling collection

You can report a problem by filling in a Cityclean comments form, by emailing or by calling the Cityclean helpline on (01273) 292929.

On pavement and road repairs

Complete the pavement and road repairs online reporting form or contact the Council on (01273) 292929.  Please be ready to give a precise location and a description of the nature of the problem, eg potholes, raised paving, theft of slabs etc. This will be inspected by a Council officer, who will arrange for the Council's highway contractor to carry out the repairs if necessary.

On street lighting

You can report a problem with a street light, zebra crossing, illuminated sign or bollard, by contacting the Council at or calling the Fault Centre on Tel. (01273) 292929. Please indicate the location and if possible give the number written on the unit.  As the contractor carries out the repairs during the day, it is essential that an accurate location is given.

For information on residents parking permits: or call into the Parking Office in North Road.

For information on planning applications and the new forms and process see:
For information on local libraries:

For the calendar  of local events:

For information on the Royal Pavilion:

For Brighton Museum and Art Gallery:

Via the telephone

Abandoned vehicles  292300
Brighton Centre, enquiries  290131
Ticket sales 0870 900 9100
Brighton Museum  290900
Building control 292070
Bus passes     291924
Dome complex  700747
Housing advice centre  292111
Household waste  292396
Job vacancies   291310
Pest control   292170
Planning advice 292424
Postal voting   291999
Recycling  292396
Residents parking   292242
Roads and pavements   292300
Skips and scaffolding   292300
Stray dogs 292400
Street lighting   0808 100 3118
Street cleansing     274674
Prince Regent swimming pool    685692
Trading standards, consumer advice   292522
Voucher parking     777800

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