Soapbox 2: The Role of Women

Photo:He said what?

He said what?

Dr Moon's opinion

By Maureen Brand, North Laine resident

Sometimes when delving through library archives, something emerges to stop you in your tracks. On this occasion it was a quotation.

In 1886 William Withers Moon was President of the British Medical Association. He practised both in Doncaster and in Brighton and at the time of his death in 1894 he was consulting physician to the Sussex County Hospital.

Presidential address

The subject of his presidential address in Brighton in 1886 was "The higher education of women". His views were clearly expressed:

Women in competition with men

"I think that it is not for the good of the human race ...that women should be freed from the restraints which law and custom have imposed upon them, and should receive an education intended to prepare them for the exercise of brain power in competition with men."

Hmm! Any 2008 comments?

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