ONCA Gallery needs Kickstarter funding to keep going

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Photo:View of the gallery from outside

View of the gallery from outside

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Another view of the gallery

Deadline is 27th April 2014

By ONCA Gallery, St George's Place

The ONCA Gallery, at 14 St George’s Place on the edge of North Laine, is the UK’s only public gallery dedicated to exhibiting work that raises awareness of climate change and conservation issues. It is a registered charity (No 1150539).

A gallery with a conscience

It is important for a city such as Brighton, with the UK’s first Green Party administration, to champion and support this gallery that has a conscience. Despite its many successes, the ONCA Gallery will close if it does not reach its £15,000 fundraising target with crowd sourcing website Kickstarter.  The deadline for the campaign is 27th April 2014 at 1pm – not long to go. If you want to see ONCA Gallery continuing, click here and do your bit to help:   


Even a small contribution could make the difference between ONCA continuing and it having to close.

Laura Coleman, ONCA Director

Laura Coleman, ONCA’s Director, said: “Historically, environmental art has been a movement often stigmatised. Today, with rarely a week going by without a new symptom of climate change being revealed, the possibilities of this type of art to communicate feeling and action are fast being realised, as it becomes an important social driver of environmental awareness.”

Exhibitions, performance and education

ONCA opened in November 2012.  The gallery presents contemporary art exhibitions with accompanying programmes of performance and education.  Since their launch ONCA have spearheaded over 12 exhibitions and have worked with artists from Margaret Atwood and Charming Baker to emerging poets, storytellers and school children. The summer programme of exhibitions and events is themed around home and habitat.

Project 100

Trees take centre stage in the gallery’s immediate priorities. 100 is an open submission exhibition this summer 2014 for visual artists working in all mediums. The brief is simple: represent a tree in any way you choose. There is one restriction – the dimensions must fit within 20cm cubed. For each artwork a tree will be planted in central Brighton, creating an artistic forest within the gallery and a real forest outside. In time this forest will become a space for workshops and performances, building on this opportunity for new and established artists and nurturing talent for future generations.

Former partners

Organisations they have partnered with include Birdlife International , Cape Farewell , the Sussex Wildlife Trust , Arts Council England , the Marine Conservation Society and many more. Their patrons include Green Party MP Caroline Lucas and writer Robert Macfarlane .

How ONCA started

Laura Coleman founded ONCA after working for three years with animals rescued from illegal trade in Bolivia.  She saw the gallery “quickly becoming a hub for key conversations about environmental change, as art plays a powerful role in the engagement and education of younger generations. ONCA offers a space where creativity has the potential to inspire belief in positive action, and ultimately help to forge an environmentally aware, integrated and active society.”

More information

There is more information about ONCA Gallery on their website at: www.onca.org.uk or email info@onca.org.uk   (telephone 01273 958291.

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