The new cycling contraflow

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Now operating in North Laine, Autumn 2012

By Peter Crowhurst, NLCA Chair

The new cycling contraflow system has now been introduced into North Laine (Autumn 2012). The scheme is designed to improve permeability for cyclists through the North Laine area and to encourage cyclists to use the carriageway rather than twittens and footpaths.

A six month trial

There is to be a period of six months during which residents can comment on the scheme and their experiences of it, after which representatives from the Council will attend an NLCA meeting and give their feedback on the review. At the initial consultation there were just 43 comments sent in, with 36 in support of the scheme and 7 against. It is to be hoped that residents who have a view on the scheme will take part in the review by emailing . Your comment will be logged and you will receive an appropriate response from the Council. It is important that residents participate in the review if they have an opinion about the implementation of the scheme, as the Council will adjust their education programme and liaison with the police accordingly.

Educating the cyclists

The Council will be handing out postcards about the scheme to cyclists who use North Laine streets and attending meetings with cyclist groups to try to ensure that cyclists keep to the designated lanes. Residents can also help with this education process by handing out the postcards, which can be obtained at any NLCA meeting during the period of the review.

[Previously published in the North Laine Runner, No 219, November/December 2012]


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