Supported housing for young people

Photo:Brighton & Hove Foyer, corner of Trafalgar Street and Pelham Street

Brighton & Hove Foyer, corner of Trafalgar Street and Pelham Street

The work of the Foyer in Trafalgar Street

By staff of the Foyer

The Foyer on the corner of Trafalgar Street and Pelham Street is a supported housing project for young people aged between 16 and 25.

Many local residents have only a very vague notion of the idea behind the project, so this is an attempt to answer some of your questions.

What we do

We accommodate young people from the Brighton community who, for numerous reasons, have found themselves primarily needing safe and secure accommodation. The majority of the young people we accommodate are in need of a range of support and information, advice and guidance.

Our aim

Our aim is to navigate them towards independence, and for them to understand the rights and responsibilities that we all have as adults. .

Transition to adulthood

Everything we do at the Foyer is focused on young people experiencing as ordinary a transition to adulthood as possible - a massive challenge. We can all recall challenging and difficult growing pains, some we’d like to forget, others that put a smile on our faces. As from the beginning of time, young people think they know best and that nobody cares about them. We have 50 young people going through exactly that.

Turning things around

The Brighton & Hove Foyer is committed to turning round a difficult start in life to a better future.

An example

Below is an example of what the Foyer provides and means to a young person.  

Off to university

RS has not seen her mother for many years. She had experienced a number of challenging years and had been passed around from relative to relative “and was sick of it”.

Consequently RS’s well being and self esteem came under an enormous amount of pressure, eventually hitting hit rock bottom.

Stability, time and support

RS moved into the Foyer two years ago and, given the stability, time and support she needed, she eventually picked herself up and started working towards building her future. There have been a few wobbles, but over the last 6 – 9 months RS and her keyworker focused on one of RS’s key ambitions - university. 

Accepted at Cardiff University

In September 2015 RS left the Foyer to start the next, exciting, stage of her life. She successfully applied for, and was accepted, at Cardiff University to complete a Foundation Year leading to starting a degree in Physics next year.

The Foyer is proud of her

We are all very proud of RS, especially when you look at her life journey up until she arrived at the Foyer. RS has stated “I know I’ve had my moments. I’ve been a pain and had a few challenging exchanges. However, I know exactly how far my head [mental health and well-being] has improved and I'm in a the much better place now. I believe again I have a purpose, all of it down to the Foyer, the unique staff team and especially my keyworker.”

Wishing her success

All the staff team at the Foyer wish RS every success and hope that she will keep in touch and let us know how she is doing.


 [Previously published in the North Laine Runner, No 238, January/February 2016]






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