Self-guided tours of the historic North Laine: Walk 2

Walk 2 episode 2

From Trafalgar Terrace to Frederick Gardens

Walk 2 episode 4

From Gardner St to Bond St

Photo:The route for walk 2

The route for walk 2

A series of podcasts

By Peter Crowhurst, North Laine resident

The North Laine today is well known for its shopping and cafe culture. Not so well known is the fact that North Laine was for over 100 years Brighton's industrial quarter. It was where animals, water and wood were processed into food, beer and furniture for the resort town of Brighton. Today North Laine is a Conservation Area because it still retains its Victorian townscape and many of the buildings that played a part in the life of the area in the 19th century.

Podcasts take you back in time

This series of podcasts will take you back to a former time when steam engines were made in North Laine and when to walk through its narrow streets meant having to pass through the noise and smells that slaughterhouses, breweries, soap factories, foundries and later electricity works produced.

The voice of Geoffrey Mead

To show you around this historic quarter we have Dr Geoffrey Mead, who was brought up in the area and is now not just an authority on the history of North Laine but someone who through his enthusiasm and knowledge can bring the past back to life and enable you to have a picture in your mind of life 150 years ago.

This is the second walk

This is the second walk, the first one being from Brighton Museum to Brighton Station. If you have already done that walk we hope you enjoyed the experience. If you have not yet done the first walk, you might consider doing it first. Click here for the podcasts of the first walk.

Map to show the route

The map on the right covers the route of the walk and you might find it easier if you print off the map to take with you. An alternative is to print off the full leaflet 'Discover the North Laine on Foot', available here.

Go with a guide as an alternative

To join Dr Geoffrey Mead or Peter Crowhurst on a Summer walk around the historic North Laine click here to find out when they are taking place.

Have a good time!

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