Family photos

Photo:House in Upper Gardner Street that was also a general store

House in Upper Gardner Street that was also a general store

Photo from Tony Tree's collection

Photo:Family group outside the Brighton Tavern, Gloucester Road

Family group outside the Brighton Tavern, Gloucester Road

Photo from Tony Tree's collection

Taken in Upper Gardner Street and Gloucester Road

By Tony Tree

I have read with interest one of your pages that was written by Dorothy Cooke, who had lived in Upper Gardner Street for more than 80 years.

My family were the Maskells

I have recently been given some photographs of my family, the Maskells, whom she mentions in her story. She also says that she played in the streets with the children - one of them was probably my Mum!

The photos

The first photo shows my grandmother, Ellen Maskell, outside her home in Upper Gardner Street which was also a general store. I'm not sure who the child was.

The second photo shows a large group outside the Brighton Tavern, Gloucester Road, on some family occasion. It includes my Aunt Lou (Louise Maskell), who married George Priest. George is standing behind Louise; Ellen Maskell (wearing a hat) is beside her on the left.

[Also published in the North Laine Runner, No 210, May/June 2011]

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Do you know what year these photos were taken?

By Sharon Carter
On 01/04/2011

Re the group photograph I assume it must be about 1945-46. My Aunt Louise was married about that time. I can date that from a photo I have of her wedding with my sister in. The photograph of my Nan I cannot date, do not know who the child is either. Nobody in family left to ask.

By Tony Tree
On 03/04/2011

Dear Tony Tree, I wonder whether you have any memories of my grandmother Daisy Pankhurst, who married George Miller Mitchell. In 1929 she had a second hand shop at No 10 Upper Gardner Street. She lived there from approximately 1913 with James William Stephens. My mother was born there in 1918. Thank you in advance for your help.

By Angela Pendle
On 12/05/2011

Hello Angela, I regret that I do not know of the family. I am soon to visit a cousin who lived in the street in the late 40s and am hoping to get some more information about my family so I will ask about your search then. Regards Tony Tree

By Tony Tree
On 27/05/2011

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