NLCA'S consideration of planning applications

How we decide

By Peter Crowhurst


The process and criteria for identifying and considering planning applications by the Association is as follows:

·         All applications within and affecting North Laine are extracted from the Public Register on the Council's website each week. Although this usually means plans within the North Laine, it will also include applications that will affect North Laine residents (for example City College) or the whole city (eg the King Alfred development).

·         New applications are then put onto this website. From the home page go to: Local issues/Planning/Forthcoming Planning Applications. Residents are encouraged to look at this list.

·      Applications which do not clearly fall into any of the criteria below are taken to the monthly meetings of the NLCA for a final decision.   

·         Those attending the meeting (and entitled to vote as North Laine residents) then make the final decision on the response that will be given.

The criteria that would lead Barry and Sandy to recommend an objection or reservation are that the :

·         is out of keeping with the North Laine (eg too high, an inappropriate design, and/or destroying original features).

·         will change the character of the area, which is small scale mixed use. For example, plans for change of use from light industrial (eg studios) to residential use would be considered undesirable, as it creates a situation where there are no affordable spaces left for small start-up businesses.

·         involves change of use to restaurant (category A3) or takeaway (category A4), as it is thought that there are too many already in the area. (The meeting felt that this particular criterion should be revisited every couple of years.)

The NLCA does not align itself with any other group when considering planning applications and attempts to keep a balanced and objective position for the Association (which is appreciated by the Council).  The NLCA does have representation, along with others, at the Council-convened Conservation Advisory Group (CAG), which gives residents a stronger voice with the Council.

Can we improve consultation with residents in this process?  This website is one obvious way.  Residents are encouraged to check thweekly Public Register for applications affecting them and to contact Barry or Sandy if they have concerns (Email:  Residents who are immediately affected by any plans will be contacted directly by the Council.

However, the NLCA's response is only counted as one, so if residents want to be heard they should also respond individually.


This page was added on 26/11/2008.

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