How to deal with inter-zone commuting

A suggestion worth considering?

By Anna Clark, North Laine resident

Any North Laine residents with cars undoubtedly feel under huge pressure with parking, so I have put a proposal to the Parking Department. The major problem that could be practically addressed is that of inter-zone commuting.

The problem

At the moment Zone Y, that includes North Laine, is huge, stretching all the way to Windlesham Road, up through Seven Dials and right the way over to Lewes Road. This encourages commuting within the zone. We are living in an area where people work and want to come shopping and to the station, and we have a large number of people commuting in. There is little outward commuting to more residential areas in the outer parts of the zone, which remain easy parking.

My proposal

I have a proposal, which would be to make a central residents parking sub-zone within zone Y (Y-A or whatever). I know this has been done in London, where larger areas have been subdivided as pressures change.

Possible borders

This could have borders for example of Grand Parade, Trafalgar Street, Guildford Street and Buckingham Road/Dyke Road.

A way of stopping people commuting in

In this way we could retain pay and display for visitors but put a stop to people commuting into this central business zone. It wouldn't need a huge amount of practical change, just some signage and for residents to exchange their permits for one printed Y-A.

How to support the proposal

If anyone would like to support this proposal, please could they write to . I know that she and her colleagues do take notice and recently made changes to residents bays in response to our last push but I think something more drastic is needed to ease the pressure on local parking.  We need to show support for the proposal before the next Parking Committee meeting.

[Previously published in the North Laine Runner, No 238, January/February 2016]

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