Henry's photo quiz, December 2015

Photo:Photo No 1

Photo No 1

All photos are by Henry Bruce

Photo:Photo No 2

Photo No 2

Photo:No 3

No 3

Photo:No 4

No 4

Photo:No 5

No 5

Photo:No 6

No 6

Photo:No 7

No 7

Photo:No 8

No 8

Photo:No 9

No 9

Photo:No 10

No 10

Test your knowledge of North Laine

By Henry Bruce

Test your knowledge of North Laine with these photos. Here are 10 pictures of local pubs, cafes or restaurants but their names have been airbrushed out.

Total possible score is 20

For one point name each of them (but omit the prefix 'the' wherever it occurs). For a second point, name the street or road. To help you, each of the initial letters of these establishments will then spell out 'North Laine' when arranged in the right order.

The correct answers will be posted here a week after publication of this page.


[Previously published in the North Laine Runner, No 238, January/February 2016]

This page was added on 11/04/2016.

Here are the answers to the above Photo Quiz (the two answers beginning with N are interchangeable):

N = North Laine Brewhours (Gloucester Place)

O = (The) Office (Sydney Street)

R = Redwood (Trafalgar Street)

T = Three Jolly Butchers (North Road)

H = Heart & Hand (North Road)

L = Lord Nelson (Trafalgar Street)

A = All Bar One (Pavilion Buildings)

I = Iydea (Kensington Gardens)

N = Namul (Gardner Street)

E = (The) Eagle (Gloucester Street)

By Henry Bruce
On 26/04/2016

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