Eggs for sale - in 1912

Photo:Rough sketch of Mr Bolton's father with his covered wagon, copied from an old sepia framed photo

Rough sketch of Mr Bolton's father with his covered wagon, copied from an old sepia framed photo

Bolton's egg shop in Gardner Street

In 1978 Lotte Kaniuk wrote in the ‘North Laine Runner’ about Bolton's Egg Shop, which was once in Gardner Street. It sold nothing but eggs - large ones, small ones, jumbo size, brown ones, white ones, duck eggs, hen’s eggs, bantam eggs, all sorts. Today (2015) you would need to go to the Open Market in London Road to find a specialist egg shop of this kind. Here is Lotte’s short piece:


As a resident of only three years standing [writing in 1978 – Editor], I have learned to appreciate the past of Brighton.

The business started in 1886

Talking to Mr H R Bolton, Egg Merchant of Gardner Street, I saw an interesting picture on his shelf. Surrounded by his delectable eggs, young Mr Bolton explained to me that this photo was his father in front of a covered wagon, as he was carrying on the business at this time, about 1912, started by his grandfather in 1886. His grandfather opened the shop in Gardner Street in 1910.


[Originally published in the North Laine Runner, No 12, February/March 1978; and reprinted in No 232, January/February 2015 with minor editorial additions]



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This article is about my husband's grandfather and great grandfather. We have the original photo that the sketch was drawn from, hanging in our hallway!

By Kelly Bolton
On 11/12/2016

This was my Grandpa's shop and we now have that picture hanging proudly on our wall. 

By Andrew Bolton
On 11/12/2016

Kelly & Andrew: This is really interesting to know!  I remember the picture quite well.  My memory is that it was quite dark and behind glass.  Do you by any chance have an electronic image of it?  If so, it would be great to feature it on this website or/and in our local community paper, the North Laine Runner.  I could contact you privately about this if you can help.... 

By Jackie Fuller
On 16/01/2017

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