Confusing name for this new market

Photo:The first name given

The first name given

Photo:Now a second name...

Now a second name...

In Trafalgar Arches, off Trafalgar Street

By Jackie Fuller, North Laine resident

A new market opened at Trafalgar Arches, off Trafalgar Street, just before Christmas 2014. The name chosen was 'Brighton Laines Market' but many thought this was confusing as it combined both the spelling of the North Laine area and The Lanes district off North Street, near the seafront.

Now two conflicting names!

The owner said that he would change the name if someone could come up with a better one. In the meantime he seems to have hedged his bets by changing the banner at the Trafalgar Street end to just "The Lanes Market", but this doesn't work either as this market is nowhere near The Lanes area of Brighton.


The market occupies an old warehouse formerly owned by Network Rail and has been transformed into a variety of stalls selling artwork, jewellery, food and drink as well as workshops featuring designers, woodworkers and an upholsterer.

Let's hope an appropriate name can be found soon!


[Previously published in the North Laine Runner, No 232, January/February 2015]

This page was added on 04/02/2015.

The opening of the so-called Brighton Laines Market off Trafalgar Street just before Christmas 2014 did indeed cause a stir, as explained above, because the name had confused North Laine with The Lanes. After the owner hedged his bets by having different names on different parts of the site, he has now announced that henceforth the venue will be known as Trafalgar Arches (having considered various other names such as Brighton Station Market). The old signs are now being taken down.

By Jackie Fuller
On 25/05/2015

Well done Jackie and others - it's a ceaseless battle defending the name!

By Paul Reading
On 10/11/2015

And then, after all the fuss about the name, the market wasn't given permission by British Rail to continue to trade there. They said it was only a temporary arrangement but the traders had understood the short lease of a few months would almost certainly be renewed. So once again this site lies empty - what a waste!

By Jackie Fuller
On 21/12/2015

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