The new communal street bins

Photo:Street bins, Gloucester Road

Street bins, Gloucester Road

Photo by Maureen Brand

Photo:Street bins, Gloucester Road

Street bins, Gloucester Road

Photo by Maureen Brand

Photo:Bins outside residents' homes

Bins outside residents' homes

Photo by Peter Crowhurst

Give us your views

By Maureen Brand, North Laine resident

Residents of North Laine are now receiving leaflets from Cityclean announcing the arrival of the controversial communal street bins.  They may arrive in the area during the next few weeks and may be used straight away.  However, the official start date, and cut-off for putting out doorstep black sacks, is 20th July 2009.

Map of sites for the street bins

The leaflet shows a map indicating where the new bins will be placed.  Cityclean recommend that the bins should be used at any time, little and often, depositing small bags as you go.  An assisted collection service is available for anyone unable to take waste to the bins.

Please let us know via the comment facility below your views of this new system and indeed any problems you are experiencing.

Bins outside the homes of residents

Bins should not be outside the homes of residents. If you know of any outside residents' homes, please let us know, by contacting

For more information email or visit

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They look awful, what an eysore in a beautiful conservation street!

By Sharon Carter
On 03/07/2009

I've never really seen the problem with binvelopes, I actually believe they work quite well. The occasional household leaves their binvelope out during the week, but if they were asked and reminded not to, I'm sure it could be resolved.

Given the work by the council and others setting up conservation areas and adding controls therein, putting huge, modern and obtrusive bins on each and every street throughout seems a ridiculous decision. Surely they will destroy the character of the streets far more than any number of restrictive measures already in place.

I believe it is simply a cost cutting exercise by the council. I am sure it will involve far fewer employees and a lower cost per street collecting rubbish from a huge communal bin, than making collections from each house. I look forward to seeing the reduction in my council tax bill!

The question of vandalism in the city centre is also yet to be addressed. I wonder how long it will be until one of these communal bins, full to bursting, gets overturned on a Friday or Saturday night....

By Nick, North Laine resident
On 03/07/2009

I have seen these bins in other streets in Brighton. In my view they don't blend in enough. They are too big and look unsightly parked in the street. I don't think the Council can be relied on to empty them regularly.

By Sharon Carter, North Laine resident
On 03/07/2009

I too thought the binvelopes worked and solved the problem of the seagulls attacking the black bags. The street bins, I think, are also working well. It is useful to be able to empty the kitchen pedal bin when it begins to be full, or before a holiday etc.

By Maureen
On 14/12/2009

In answer to the comment that this is just a cost cutting exercise I would say "What is the problem with that?"

Surely we want our Council to operate in an efficient mannner and keep costs down. In terms of seeing a reduction in your council tax however I would not expect it to be significant - bearing in mind that collection and disposal of waste costs the council in the region of just £100 per household per year - and only half of that for collection!

Contrary to popular assumptions council tax goes to provide many more services than just collection of waste.

By Roger Thomson
On 06/07/2010

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