What are your thoughts on the Station Gateway scheme?

Photo:Trafalgar Lane-the exit road out of North Laine?

Trafalgar Lane-the exit road out of North Laine?

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The NLCA is opposed to the Station gateway scheme as it stands. The proposal to locate a taxi rank in Frederick Place is likely to have a negative impact on the quality of life of North Laine residents. Access into North Laine is due to be affected, there is likely to be rat running of traffic through residential streets bringing more noise and pollution to North Laine. Yet Frederick Place will not be able to accommodate all the taxis that currently queue up at the station. Where will the rest go? They will block up the entrance to North Laine at Gloucester Road, they will queue down Queens Road, they will try and wait in residential streets.

This page was added on 25/01/2013.

Whilst we welcome any scheme to improve the Station approaches, it should not be at the expense of the quality of life of residents in the North Laine.

By Peter Crowhurst
On 25/01/2013

Trafalgar Lane is far too narrow to carry two lanes of traffic. It gets blocked up at the moment from cars, lorries and vans using Travis Perkins.

By James D
On 25/01/2013

Frederick Place will never be able to accommodate more than about 15 taxis. Where are the rest to go? Surely they will block the entrance to Gloucester Road and queue down Queens Rd?

By David Tucker
On 25/01/2013

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