March-April 2010

Page link: Adult Learning Festival
Adult Learning Festival
Jubilee Square, 20 March 2010
Page link: An early guided tour
An early guided tour
From 'A visit to the Iron and Brass Foundery and the Gas Manufactory', 1824
Page link: An Indian military hospital
An Indian military hospital
At the Royal Pavilion during the First World War
Page link: Caught on the hop
Caught on the hop
Press report from November 1841
Page link: Encyclopaedic knowledge
Encyclopaedic knowledge
Talk by Rose Collis on the new Encyclopaedia of Brighton, 19 April 2010
Page link: Enjoy the garden
Enjoy the garden
Pelham Square, 2010
Page link: Mina's memories of 38 Kensington Place
Mina's memories of 38 Kensington Place
Transcript of an interview
Page link: The Bubble car or Isetta
The Bubble car or Isetta
Manufactured in New England Street 1957-61
Page link: The captain's tumble
The captain's tumble
From the Sussex Weekly Advertiser, 23 October 1820